2018 Registration Form


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By submitting this form:

  • I give permission for my child to attend all scheduled TOMS Youth activities at 29 Callisto Dr, Cranebrook, as run by members from TOMS Anglican Churches (unless I advise the TOMS Youth leaders otherwise). 
  • I give permission for my child to travel in a car driven by an approved TOMS Youth leader or a parent approved by a TOMS Youth leader unless I advise the TOMS Youth leaders otherwise. (Your child will not be in a car driven by a learner or P1 licence holder). 
  • I authorise the TOMS Youth leaders, in the event of an emergency, to obtain at my expense any medical, ambulance, rescue or other services that are considered necessary for my child. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me prior to instituting such procedures.
  • I acknowledge that being part of a community involves mutual care and consideration, and therefore agree that unacceptable behaviour may result in my child being sent home and being temporarily or permanently prohibited from attending the activities of TOMS Youth. 
  • I will provide the TOMS Youth leaders with any information relevant to the wellbeing of my child prior to him or her attending a TOMS Youth activity. 
  • I confirm that the information given in this form is true and correct, and will advise TOMS Youth of any changes to this information. 

The leadership team of TOMS Youth will treat the information contained above confidentially. This information may be shared with a third party when it concerns medical health or care of the individuals listed. If you wish to access this information or have any queries in relation to the manner in which we handle your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us.